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I've got a dream

She's got a dream

I've got a dream

She's got a dream

I just wanna see the floating lanterns gleam


And with every passing hour

I'm so glad I left my tower

Like all you lovely folks, I've got a dream!

I was sprawled out on the couch, thankfully the couch was special made for large bodies.  Being 7'2", there is plenty of me to need space.  Not to mention the broadness of my shoulders and hips.  It's a good thing my mate likes how large I am... I normally scare people with my size and the roughness of my deep voice.  My mate and my babies are the only ones who never jump hearing the rumbling thunder of my voice.

I stretched some, not watching the show, after all I had seen it over a dozen times, but when half a dozen little babes ask you to watch a princess movie... You watch the princess movie.  I barely noticed the petite blonde spinning around on screen, closer to dozing than awake.

"Onaiya?" Came the soft whisper of one of my middle children.  I sat myself up some and peeked over the couch to look through green hair into green eyes.  Sometimes Luna liked to use her hair to hide.  She is a shy and timid babe, her loudest barely registers over a quiet conversation level.  Her arms twitched some but she didn't want to ask or impose.  Tenderly I scooped up the three year old that still nearly fit into the palm of one hand.  She cuddled to my chest and started to touch the long braid of silver hair that rested near her.


"Yes Spinach?"  That was my nickname for Lunawri, a green flower dragon.  Granted at the time she was in her human form, but so was I.  She continued to pet my silver mane.  

"Do you have a dream?"

"Of course," I purred softly to her.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that my other babes were no longer paying attention to their movie and were giving their attention to us.  Apparently they had wondered about this too.

"What is your dream?" She asked quietly.

"Well, I dream of all of you growing up to be happy and healthy."

Her little nose wrinkled some, "do you have a dream for you?"

"Hmm?"  I guess my answer was not satisfactory.  I wondered why she was being insistent for a change...  "I guess I dream to be happy and loved."

"...are you not?" A little face peeked over the couch to me.  Silver eyes watched me in a mixture of concern and curiosity.  Tenderly I touched the top of her silver haired head.  Her hair was the same color as mine.  Rillen is my third oldest, Luna my fourth.  

I smiled tenderly to Rillen and nodded, "I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.  And I feel completely loved."

"Then... Isn't your dream fulfilled?" Rillen questioned

"Yes, I would believe so."

A tiny squeak asked the next question.  I looked to Ephraim, one of my youngest.  He was settled in his silver dragon form, barely a foot from nose to tail tip .  He asked me why I didn't have a new dream, like in the movie.

"Because sometimes real life is better than dreams," I smiled, "it is so good, life is the dream."

They all seemed to think this over.  The five little babes with tails were twitching them in their thought.

"Do you have dreams?"

Rillen went bright, bright red!  I kept from chuckling, as I knew what she was thinking.  She had a crush on, actually she was in love with, a boy a little older than her.  Even though it was clear they were fated to be with each other... both of them worried they wouldn't be together.  It was cute.

Several squeaks went out.  All the little babies had a dream, they wanted to see the sparking lights.  I believe they meant fireworks, considering they were too little to have seen them last time we had any.  There was a picture on the wall though, one that moved and changed color.  Keenan had done a beautiful job in creating a metal artwork that showed what fireworks looked like.  I am betting they got the idea from that.

Luna frowned.  Tilted her head, then frowned and tilted it the other way.  "Onaiya?"

"Yes Spinach?"

"Is it not have a dream?"

I kissed her forehead softly, cuddled her to my broad chest, "It is perfectly alright not to have a dream.  And you never know, you might have one and not realize it."

She thought some more, I could see, "Maybe...I can find it later?"

I nodded with a soft smile, "When you are ready, you will have a dream to follow."

Long after the movie and babies were in bed, I cuddled to my mate.  A hand on her swollen abdomen.  She yawned and nuzzled me before turning her blue orbs to look into mine.  "Kalo?"

"Hmmm?" I dozily murred.

"Do you really not have a dream?"

I kissed her tenderly, my small and beautiful mate.  Pregnant with our babies.  

Our babies all happy and healthy in their beds, sleeping comfortably and safe.  

"My dreams have all came true," I whispered to her

She blushed.
I Have a Dream!
Clearly, the song belongs to Disney.

But some fwuff.  I know its short but I hope it's good.

Peoples belong to whom they belong to ~Nods~
It unnerved her to watch a mountain crumble in slow motion.  Luned kept pressed to the bed leg as Seth eased to his knees then to his belly.  She was so small, he was too big to see around, even the many yards before her.  Tears stung her eyes, she was starting to trust them but now she saw she was just a plaything.  A new toy to mess with magic with.  She defiantly glared at the now huge being before her, she tried to stand tall but her weakness and hurt ankle didn't allow for it.  

Seth cringed, she was scared, hurt, and he could see the pain in her eyes, the mistrust.  It was breaking his heart.

"We cared for you, that's what," snapped Keiran.  He was quiet but... There was hurt in his voice.  Hurt because he wanted her to be different.  For her to not hate them.  And hurt because Seth was hurting.  Ro's gentle hand on his shoulder eased some of his initial anger.  His friend's shockingly green eyes were understanding but also, stern.  Cefiro was telling him, without words, to calm.

Seth could see the tiny tears rolling down her bruised cheeks, "taking care of me to experiment on," she accused.  Her hand went to the bed leg.

"You did not shrink, nothing about you changed," Seth whispered.

"Oh yes, the world simply grew," she snapped.  Her words held anger, but more so, she was exhausted and in pain.  "You clearly know magic, your eyes speak it."

Seth rested his head on one arm, the other outstretched to her.  He needed to touch her, to hold her.  He chose not to though, his hand was inches, to his perspective, from her.  She did not flinch or move away from it, she watched his hand wearily.  

He watched her eyes widen some as his hair turned white and pale blue, "we don't do magic..  But our powers do give us abilities to control over ice, snow, and coldness.  Magic suggests a force we do not have, what we do know is what every Ice Giant knows and can do."

"...Giant?" She eyed him.

"The world didn't grow.  This house though, it was built for Giants and their ability to change size.  So, it did and we did grow," Seth spoke calmly, keeping as much emotion from his voice as he could, but inside he was pleading silently for her to understand and accept him.  "It is as natural as breathing for us."

"Oh," Luned limped slowly closer to his hand.  Her intention was to close the few foot gap and touch his hand.  Her body had other intentions, she went heading for the ground in a graceless face plant.

The ground thudding against her already pained body never came.  Instead warm, large fingers were wrapped around her whole form.  She looked up the best she could to the male holding her.  He looked panicked.

Seth was utterly panicked that she was hurt.  He was terrified he hurt her even more.

So warm.  She was shivering, it was painful.

He frowned, she as colder than he expected.  He had neglected her for too long.  Tenderly, using his other arm and an expanse of highly trained muscles he smoothly lifted himself with the grace and smoothness of a dancer.  Slowly his hand opened a little more and he looked over the collapsed figure trembling in his palm.  She wasn’t shaking from fear but the cold.  Every part of her was pale, paler than ever.  Her lips even took on a slightly blue color.  She looked…dead…  Even the fire in her eyes was nearly out.  Seth wanted nothing more than to soothe her, she was so exhausted, he could see that easily.  Tenderly he raised her closer to his mouth and she did not seem to care.

Luned gave up fearing death after she had died.  It would be more welcome than anything anymore.  She looked up at the gigantic set of lips that was above her.  At least she was warming up some.

Seth placed a tender kiss on her shoulder, a slightly twitch of his lower lip.  Slowly he released warm air across her tiny body, warming her more.  Her eyes slid closed and he kept her cradled in his hand.  It wasn’t until her lips returned to a normal color that he relaxed some.  Keiran and Ro staying silent through the whole encounter.

He was slow and careful to stand and climb into bed.  Not wanting to size down because he could keep her completely warm in his palm where the same warmth would be hard to achieve in his smaller form.  Even if he was still huge compared to her.  Such a delicate little flower bud… he had not seen flowers in a long time, snow does not grow life.  Tenderly his finger brushed some of her hair.  He slowly guided his finger down her body without touching.  The tunic was a little high, he would have fixed it but that seemed inappropriate.  Then he noticed the angle of her thigh, it bowed incorrectly, and he could not reference this to being a normal state before.  The pale green ankle of the same leg was also resting awkwardly.

Seth eased himself up against the pillows of the bed.  Whispering, “We need Shen back.  Her leg…”

“I’ll go,” Cefiro was out the door and out of the cabin before more could be said.  Keiran walked over and peered into his brother’s hand.

He frowned.  She did not look good and his hearing, which could hear a mouse fart, could hear the tired fluttering of her heart and her uneven breathing.  She was barely holding onto consciousness.

Seth eased her onto his chest where she could be warm and comfortable…and safe.  He would not leave her alone again.

Luned cried out.  Her vision swimming and the edges blackening.

Seth instantly froze, his eyes searching her over for cause.  He had been careful to move her.

She doubted he would hear her, she was so small compared to him.  “please…no…the beat…” she was trying to explain his heartbeat was thumping her body.  It made her move and it hurt so much.  Gently Seth adjusted her.  Lowering her to his soft abdomen.  Giant males tended to look like rock hard, muscle bound warriors, but their bodies were soft.  She went limp during the moving process.

Seth bit back the whine.

“The pain was too much,” Keiran whispered.  Kissing his twin’s forehead.  “She held out against it for a long time.”

Seth nodded slightly.  Tears in his eyes, one hand was tenderly over her. A blanket of flesh that did not touch her but would keep her warm.  Keiran eased himself down and rested his head on Seth’s belly next to his hand.  His hand then went lightly over his twin’s.  Cuddling his brother to help the ache in Seth’s heart.

Keiran could not see the tiny form, Seth’s hand was too big, but he could hear her and feel her because Seth was feeling her.  She surprised him.  Showing no fear…and showing no apprehension.  Perhaps, just maybe she would not hurt his brother.


Shen arrived quickly.  Cefiro back with him, yet this time a chestnut brown hair woman was with them.  Keiran raised his head slightly and looked to the busty woman at the door.  Anna…

He felt Seth’s gentle nudge and he stood to go speak with Cefiro’s twin and Cefiro.

She eased over to the bed, careful not to set off the young Ice Giant male protecting a new mate.  He doubted Seth even knew that he was already twining their hearts together so completely.  “I need to look at her,” Shen whispered.

Seth nodded and eased Luned onto the bed besides him before he started to size down.  Everyone followed suit.  It would be easier for Shen to look her over then.  Shen frowned as he got his first looks at Luned’s newest injuries.  “How did this happen?”

“We’re not sure…we think she tried to get from bed and fell.”

“Hmm…considering her state, I am guessing her body is more unstable when weak.  Meaning it is easier for her to fall apart.”

“How can it be easier?” Seth whined.

“She was brought back from the dead using the body parts of many beings.  Her body isn’t whole… because her heart isn’t strong,” Shen whispered.  “Turn your back if you are staying in the room.”  When Seth did, although he was still holding Luned’s hand, Shen began the tender process of placing her hip back into it’s socket, setting and casting her upper leg, and tending to her ankle.  She would not be walking on her own for a while.  Considering almost her whole lower body was in a cast.

“Keiran won’t talk to me,” Seth whispered.

“He is worried for you,” Shen smiled sadly, “You are falling in love.”

“I can’t be.”

“Why not?”

“…Because no one could love my twin and I back.”
Frozen Heart: Chapter Seven
I know I am abusing little Luned quiet a bit, but she actually isn't all the careful with herself.  Considering she can take a beating.  Besides... she needs time to stay with a couple of Ice Giants...

I mean, there totally isn't going to be snuggles...or anything... nope.  No love. fluff for you!

I'm totally serious.


United States
~sits in corner watching people as the come and go~

Current Residence: The Keep
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium?
Favourite genre of music: Yes. Meaning I really do not have a single one
Operating System: Vista
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I wanted to write this because I need to write something, I need to say something.

So, most people live where their streets make neat little rectangles or squares and are lines of street parallel to street.  I live in a scribble.  The area I live in is full of lakes and ponds, so our roads curve around them.  Within a five mile radius from my house, I can think of, off the top of my head, ten lakes.  That is ten lakes within five miles of me, that I know of.  Needless to say, that is a lot of curves.

My house is on a street off on of the curvier parts of the road and my house is the first one on this side road.  The tree before my house bare some scars.  Why?  Because PEOPLE HAVE HIT THE TREES.  The road is curvy but not so much so people feel the need to slow down, even on bad weather days.  So they loose control and fly into the trees.  In the ten years I have lived here, it has happened three times.  Good thing for evergreens, right?  Now partner that with the times people have to hit their breaks and screech to avoid this accident. 

My imagination LOVES these times.  Cars not hitting the trees and flying through my wall... oh yeah.  Fun shit right there.

Then there is driving.  Driving on a normal day is hard.  Why?  Because other people ducking suck at driving.  I mean really ducking suck.  It seems like a vast majority of people expect other drivers to pay attention to them and they can do whatever the hell they want.  This of course means there are a lot of people expecting other people to compensate for them, and thus there are a lot of people not compensating for other people.  Accident.

Now for where I am anxious tonight.  The temperature rose enough for two days that the snow and ice melted, a great deal I might add.  

Everything was liquid.  Great pools of water everywhere.

Today.  We're getting up to six inches of snow maybe.  And the temps are plummeting.

Ice.  Ice everywhere.

They haven't canceled school yet.

I might have to drive in that.

Because I want to go to class.

But, I can't drive in that.  Its a death trap...

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